Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple Tackles Computer Overheating Problem With a New Cooling System Invention

The latest Apple Computer ,Inc (Cupertino, CA) news this week covers several of the company’s recently published patent applications. All of these applications describe novel designs used for cooling portable computer devices, or “notebooks”. When computers have a powerful central processing unit (CPU) with large processing capacity, they tend to consume more power and overheat much faster than older models. This can cause significant disruption to internal electronic circuitry and, in extreme cases, irreparable damage to the appliance. Apple’s new cooling methods involve a variety of design specifications for reduction in interior temperature of some of its hardware products. One of the awards proposes Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using flow sensors(US 20100051243). This design is able to detect airflow within the computer and then measure the velocity of this flow and adjust the internal computer fan speed and power supply to reduce excess temperature.
Other Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices through user interfaces(US20100053883) describe technology that would increase airflow within the computer system. The process in this second patent utilizes existing ports on the sides on the computer, used for USB, Ethernet and FireWire connections, to increase the flow of air through the device. Since the position of these ports can also be adjusted in new or future computer models, they can be optimized for any system cooling. Still another pending patent includes the addition of a conductive hinge assembly designed to dissipate heat away from the CPU main housing assembly. One additional process, described as a thermoelectric “Peltier effect” method, can be applied by running an electrical current between variable-density materials to produce a cooling effect. Use the advance search engine at for more technology specifically designed for Cooling electronic devices . Some of these patented methods and inventions may be available for licensing through patent brokerage Services.

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