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Computer Laptop Repair

This page is all about basic Laptop computer repair tips. You will learn how to troubleshoot and fix minor laptop problems. If you are looking for an advance step-by-step Laptop repair and maintenance guide then I highly recommend Laptop Repair Online Video Course.

In Laptop computer repair one should pinpoint the accurate problem before taking any action. For example, when a laptop does not function you may rush to change its battery, but the problem may be a bad connection with the power cord. In the same manner a “dead” LCD screen may be a video adapter failure, a main board, burnt out backlight or a bad inverter.

Laptops parts are sensitive and expensive. Trial and error is not a very good solution with all laptop problems.

Some Laptop problems cannot be repaired or not worth repairing. If you can see blocks of dead pixels or a physical crack in the screen then you need to replace the laptop screen. Fixing these type of problems may be difficult or very costly.

Laptop user with a little bit of knowledge can fix common laptop computer problems, usually occurred due to regular usage. However, identifying the problem is crucial before repairing the laptop.

Repair laptop display problems

If there is complete display failure, first of all check the status of the power. If you were able to hear the fan of your laptop and now it isn’t, that means it’s a main board or power failure, not a video failure.

Another common practice in laptop computer repair is to connect a normal computer monitor with a standard VGA connector, if your laptop does not light up the external monitor means either the internal video adapter or the motherboard has failed. In case the external monitor is working then your laptop video subsystem has a problem and need to investigate further.

If there is a display problem in your laptop computer and the number of dead spots or columns or whole row increases slowly on the screen, it indicates that the assembly of actual LCD is bad. In the same way, if the screen flickers it is probably the failure of backlight or inverter.

Other common Laptop problems

Laptop computer problems can cause by internal disorders of the physical connectors. The common victims are network or modem ports, which may be detached within the case or the breaking of the power connector solder joint of the board. Such problems are very dangerous because here you need to open up the body of the notebook for soldering. Be careful to use a decent solder sucker for quick clean up.

Laptop problems are often caused by virus attacks. In this case they behave very strangely. One common symptom is the screen display goes off though the laptop is running. This can be due to graphic display driver files affected by virus or sometimes deleted by anti virus considering it to be a strange file. Re-starting the laptop in Safe Mode and re-installing the display drivers will repair this problem.

If you are not tech savvy, my personal advice is to hire a professional technician for Laptop computer repair unless it is software related problem. It is always better if you can contact s Laptop Repair Company authorized by the Laptop manufacturer.

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Ava said...

fixing laptop is not a easy job

Gold Coast Computer Laptop Repair said...

Laptops are very difficult to repair in contrast to PC desktop computer systems. This laptop repair guide has covered the most difficult issues very well and as a laptop technician I also experience the same problems every day.

Laptop brands these issues are associated with such as ACER, ASUS, HP, SONY, DELL and LENOVO have similar faults listed in the guide.

I would advise to contact a laptop repair technician if you do have any faults with laptops, as they are much more difficult to repair compared to desktop computer systems.

computer support specialists said...

Fixing computer laptop is not easy. Even trial and error is not an assurance to solve immediately some laptop problems. However, clients can seek some advice on the company who are technically adept and
also has special offers.

help desk support said...

I agree fixing computers is not that easy. In fact, it can even dragged to days. But with the right computer support tech, rest assured the problem will be solved the soonest.

Anonymous said...

how to fixed problem on Laptop error
Error File: \Boot\BCD
Status :0xc000000f
Info: An error occurred attempting to read the boot configuration data.
CD/DVD Rw can't read the Boot CD's
Please Help!!! Kindly Send Answer Answer

ItsFixed said...

Laptop repairing plays an important role. Providing regular maintenance and preventative service procedures, with checking logs with reporting or tracking of issues and resolutions are essential. Remote monitoring support and help desk services and several backup solutions are options we recommend and can assist with. We strive to better automate, increase efficiency, and minimize downtime.

Computer Repair Melbourne

venugopal said...

Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this, cheers. Laptop Screen Repairs

PC Repair Services said...

Hi friends,

When their laptop computer is giving them problems, many computer users feel that they have no choice but to take it to a professional and pay for their services. There are times when this is indeed the best course of action, but there are certain instances when a user can repair their laptop themselves and do it for free. Thanks a lot......

ItsFixed said...

Keep in mind that if you are playing with the LCD the backlight inverter can give you a nasty shock if the unit is powered, switch the laptop off and unplug it, you should also remove the laptop's battery and hard drive.
Computer Repairs Melbourne

Halra said...

still got many problem with my laptop, and i still confuse how to fix it, :-(
thx for basic explained instruction

Pradeep Singh said...

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Udbhav Gupta said...

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Ncr System Solution Laptop Repair Home Service said...
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Laptoprepairhomeservice said...

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rajvinder chauhan said...

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