Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Virus detection and removal

There may be several signs that a computer has a virus infection . It is often difficult to distinguish whether there is an hardware error or a software problem since viruses are  written to  avoid detection, and to damage your computer.

Some of  the common problems caused by computer viruses are:

1. Sudden system crashes and computer reboots automatically.
2. Application software crashes and random messages are displayed on the monitor.
3. Computer becomes very slow
4. Hard disk data gets corrupted and hard disk will not boot

How to fix it:

If there is a problem which could be caused either by a hardware malfunction or a virus , it is advisable to first run an antivirus program. It is cheaper and easier to solve a problem using free antivirus software.
Get a free antivirus program. Some of  the free antivirus programs available are:
1. Norton Anti Virus Special Edition 2005 from Symantec in Google Pack. Free updates for a period of six months
2. AVG Anti-virus free edition - change the default email scanning option as it slows the system down
3. Avast - can be installed for 60 days, before you register it for free

Download the anti virus software to your computer hard disk and install the software. Get the latest updates from the companies website.

Run the antivirus software, preferably in safe mode. If  any virus is detected, the antivirus software will first try to clean the infected file. If this is not possible, the software will quarantine the file.
To prevent computer virus problems in future
1. Install a firewall to protect your computer when you connect to the internet
2. Do not allow anyone to install software or copy any files to your computer without scanning the software /data with the latest updated anti virus software
3. Never open files with suspicious attachments, especially if they are from strangers. Always request files to be sent as a text attachment.
4. Avoid joining paid to read , adult , file sharing and other illegal websites,  the computers of visitors to these
websites usually get  infected with viruses and spy ware.
Resource: http://fixit.in/antivirus.html


Norton AntiVirus Download said...

Antivirus software helps in protecting a computer. A subscription is needed in order to receive regular updates.

microsoft tech support said...

I have here some list of top-rated online security software:

• Norton Internet Security

• ZoneAlarm Extreme Internet Security

• F-Secure Internet Security Suite

• Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

So that’s why, it is very important that you should install in on your computer for defense against spywares.

Server Power Supply said...


Anti virus freeware programs for computer protection. This page covers recommended software for virus, trojan, worm, spyware and malware detection and removal. Please keep sharing more and more information......

pc repair online said...

Very good listing on detecting and removing virus on our PCs. But still, others cannot just follow this instructions. There may be some instances that the virus has infected your PC that much and I think that time, you have to call some help from the professionals.

Computer Repair MC Lean VA said...

Hello Dude,

A computer virus is a software program that interferes with the operation of a computer. It is spread from one computer to another. A virus can corrupt and delete files on a computer. It can even delete everything from a hard drive. Thanks for sharing it.....

Carlene Schnitzer said...

I love the 4th point you made. It seems you really did study each and every number's execution. We cannot stop the development of viruses, but we can prevent them from affecting our computers.

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