Saturday, June 4, 2011

Registry Tweaks

Do you know your Tweaks?

“What are the most effective tweaks for Windows and registry?”. This question is asked so many times and they have the same general registry tweaks over and over again. Most of them are not even authentic or at times read by the people who post them, but merely copied and pasted from somewhere else. This also makes most of these tweaks found online, of little or of no help, to majority of the computer users. Some of them are just useless, some of them are however even worse. Another problem with these tweaks is that they are version specific; tweaks for XP may not work on other versions of the Windows such as Windows 2000 or Windows 2007.

Which so much information on the internet, some useful, some misleading, it is hard for an average computer user to decide what to go for and what not to go for. The decision making process can be very hard. To ease that up, here are some tried and tested suggestions that may be useful for everyone.

Things to do before you tweak your Registry

The rule of the thumb is always make a back up first because chances are you will lose your data. Never go ahead with any kind of tweaking unless you have a back up, even if it is just editing. If you don’t know how to back up, take help. If you have to be successful with tweaking, the idea is to be able to get back where you started from. It is also often a good idea to take tweaking a bit slow. Go step by step, see if you like what you are doing, and limit yourself initially. There is a chance you may not be satisfied with it, so you don’t want to rush in to it and do everything at once. Give yourself the option of stopping any time you want. Also keep in mind you need to have the administrative rights in order to make such drastic changes to your computer. This may be a problem in some versions of Windows.

Utilities of the General Registry tweaking

Most of Windows tweaks are usually indirect, as is this form of tweaking mostly. A great many of the Windows configuration tweaks talked about on the Internet are actually Registry edits. Registry is being altered is a fact that is discussed very frequently by users online. It is a good idea to have a look at some of the utilities that be used without having a direct access to the registry. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a popular program, it is free; it is suitable for use on Windows Vista and Windows 7. WinBubble is another suitable utility. Different versions of this may be used on Vista and on Windows 7.

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