Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Error 651 Modem PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection

  • Reset TCP/IP Settings.
  • If using a Laptop, make sure the wireless switch or button is turned on.
  • Replace the RAS PPPoE driver:
    1. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator. 
    2. Select all the code below, then right click it and click Copy:
    3. TAKEOWN /F "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys"
      ICACLS "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys" /grant administrators:F
    4. Right click in the Command Prompt window and click Paste.
    5. Press Enter.
    6. Once it has finished, close the Command Prompt.
    7. Go to the following folder:
    8. Rename the raspppoe.sys file to raspppoe2.sys
    9. Right click on the following file and click Save Target As / Save link as:
      Vista RAS PPPoE Driver.
    10. Save it in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers folder.
    11. Restart the computer.
  • If using a Modem, obtain the latest driver.
  • Reset your router.
  • Re-install your network card drivers.


Anonymous said...

Will you get that fucking Chitika out of my face

Anonymous said...

Point - 9 says "Right click on the following file" - Could you please provide name of the file?

Thanks and regards

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