Friday, November 11, 2011

Fix Kernel32.dll Error

While using your PC you might have encountered above error message that restrict the execution of system applications and also causes abrupt shut down of system. This very error appear due to corrupt Kernel32.dll file and it can results in various other error messages like Blue Screen Error, BSOD, hard drive not found etc. If you are getting Kernel32.dll error then it is clear that serious problem has occurred in your computer and if it remains unfixed then you might lose your data. So, it is essential to fix kernel32.dll error as soon as possible.

You must know that kernel is heart of Windows operating system which manages entire functioning of your computer. It is responsible for memory management, input/output operations, interrupt handlings etc. All these operations are handled by Kernel32.dll file which is dynamic link library file of Windows OS. If this file gets damaged due to any reasons you will get various errors.

What Causes Kernel32.dll Error?
  • Problematic hardware or Java machine
  • Use of outdated device driver
  • Improper installation of any application
  • Missing or deleted kernel32.dll files
  • Incorrect dll entries in Windows Registry
  • Corruption in Registry
  • Incorrect settings of BIOS
  • Damaged or missing log and cpp files
  • Corruption of files due to virus attack
Entire functioning of computer is handled by operating system and the OS is dependent on kernel to accomplish all functionalities. Therefore, it is essential to fix kernel32.dll error immediately for proper functioning of your PC.

How to fix Kernel32.dll error?

Generally, people try to fix common system errors manually but it is advised not to try any manual methods to resolve the error. Because a minor mistake can lead to serious data loss situations so, you should resolve the error automatically by using following measures:
  • Download Driver software update to replace outdated device drivers. Use of old drivers can give rise to various errors other than kernel32.dll. So, you must replace it immediately
  • Any type of damage in registry can disrupt the proper functioning of your computer and create data loss. So, you must repair your registry using effective Registry Repair Software. It will repair and cleanup your corrupt registry and thus fixes the error
If still the error persists and you are unable to accomplish your task efficiently then it is clear that virus or Trojans are prevailing in your computer and you need to remove it then only you will be able to fix kernel32.dll error. In order to remove harmful threats from your PC you need to use effective Anti-spyware software that will safely remove Trojans and other malware form your computer.


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