Friday, November 11, 2011


How to prevent 256F6297d01 error?

It is very necessary for you to take some prevention measures in daily life to prevent the annoying 256F6297d01 error messages or serious computer problems so as to enjoy an error-free computer. To do this, you should:

Never randomly remove 256F6297d01 file or other exe files from your PC as you like.

  • Carefully install or uninstall program on/from your computer.
  • Scan any download files before opening it or installing it to check whether it contains spyware.
  • Never manually modify Windows registry. If needed, it is better to back it up before making any changes.
  • Regularly clean up Windows registry to get rid of the invalid, corrupt, or obsolete entries.
  • Well secure your PC against malicious programs such as virus, spyware, worms with a spyware removal tool.
  • Always update your anti-virus program to the latest virus definition to protect your computer at any time against kinds of threats.
What causes 256F6297d01 error?

  • The 256F6297d01 file is mis-deleted by mistake. Once the 256F6297d01 file is deleted incorrectly, you will get numerous 256F6297d01 error messages after every system startup.
  • Virus attacks. Viruses are able to attack the exe files in the system or make change to Windows registry then result in 256F6297d01 error.
  • The computer is infected by spyware which attempts attempt to sabotage your computer resources and cause errors in existing files.
  • Program conflicts. Sometimes, the exe files of different genuine applications may conflict with each other and may lead to exe errors.
  • Incorrect program’s download or installation. There are chances for PC users to download a broken or incomplete or corrupt file which may show exe errors after the installation.



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