Monday, November 21, 2011

How to convert a WPS file to a DOC, DOCX or TXT file

One method is to use Microsoft Word.

1. Open WPS files with Microsoft Word.

2. Click "Save as..." from File on the on the top menu. Choose *.doc or *.docx from "Save as type" dropdown box.

3. Click "Save" to finish converting.

The second methods is to rename the file extension by ourselves.

1. Right-click on the WPS file, select "Rename"

2. We have changed the extension manually.

The third methods is to use Word Viewer.

1. The software named Word Viewer is wanted, which let you view, copy and print Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word documents, without those programs installed. Download and install it.

2. Open WPS files with word viewer, and copy the text.

3. Create a new DOC or DOCX document to paste that text 0nto. Remember pay attention to the format.

4. Save it to DOC format.

If the methods above doesn't work, you can download and install a WPS converter. It can help us convert the WPS file to a .doc or .docx file.

All the ways above can also be used to converted WPS files to TXT.


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