Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recover Product Key of Microsoft Office 2010

The next day after Microsoft Office 2010 Beta was published, I downloaded and installed Office 2010 professional Plus Beta. It was very nice that I could get a free Product key. So I just use it for free till October 2010. Recent days, I am always having a try with Office 2010. In fact, many of its applications are very cool. And I want to introduce it to my friend. But, there is one problem that I can not find my product key. It results that my friend would not have a try possibility. What should I do to find the product key? I believe there must be some methods to extract or recover the product key.


Step 1. Use this software ProduKey.

Step 2. After download it and open the folder. Then double click on this icon.

Step 3. Then a window pops up.

Step 4. You can see Office 2010 is in the left list.

Step 5. On the right side, you can see its Product Key as well as Product ID.

Step 6. Now, you get the product key again.


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