Monday, November 28, 2011

How to run MXIT on your computer

For the many that don't know, MXIT is an instant messaging program that runs on cellular phones. It has become extremely popular in South Africa and is used by both young and old alike. Currently, 10 000 new people sign up to use MXIT every day!

There are numerous ways to get MXIT working on your PC. This article will show you the easiest ways to do so. Here's how:

- The base for running MXIT on your computer is a program called mpowerplayer. But before you get to installing mpowerplayer, you need to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) onto your computer. New versions of the JRE come out all the time. Download whatever version is available from here.

- The next step is installing mpowerplayer. Click here to do So.

- A prompt will appear asking you to either Save, Run or Cancel
Click Run. You will see the following:

After a little while mpowerplayer should be fully loaded and ready.

MXIT Version 3

Once you have successfully installed mpowerplayer on your computer, getting MXIT V3 working is very simple. Just follow these steps:

- Launch mpowerplayer. You will see a default screen similar to the one below.

- Type mxit in the search box. Almost instantly you will see Mxit displayed [See pic below]

- Click on Mxit. V3 will now launch.

MXIT Version 5

Goto: MXit

- Click Download MXit
- Click Select Phone
- Select Nokia and click Accept
- Select 6230 and click Accept
- Click next to answer the annoying questions

- After you've answered the questions and typed in the in a code that is displayed in an image, you will be asked to select a version. Click Normal

- You will then be asked to save a *.jad file to your computer. Do so.

- Open mpowerplayer, click File -> Open

- Select the *.jad file you just downloaded and click Open.

MXIT V5 will now load in mpowerplayer!

NOTE: You have to repeat this process every single time you want to run MXIT V5 on your computer. This is due to the *.jad file expiring and becoming invalid after a given period of time.


If you want to use MXIT V5 without having to download the *.jad file each time, download MXIT V5.1.1 from here

- Open mpowerplayer

- Click File -> Open

- Select the MXit_V5.1.1.jar file you just downloaded and click Open

MXIT will now Launch. This is without doubt the best way to run MXIT on your computer!


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