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Laptop Computer Repair

This page is all about basic Laptop computer repair tips. You will learn how to troubleshoot and fix minor laptop problems. If you are looking for an advance step-by-step Laptop repair and maintenance guide then I highly recommend Laptop Repair Online Video Course.

In Laptop computer repair one should pinpoint the accurate problem before taking any action. For example, when a laptop does not function you may rush to change its battery, but the problem may be a bad connection with the power cord. In the same manner a “dead” LCD screen may be a video adapter failure, a main board, burnt out backlight or a bad inverter.

Laptops parts are sensitive and expensive. Trial and error is not a very good solution with all laptop problems.

Some Laptop problems cannot be repaired or not worth repairing. If you can see blocks of dead pixels or a physical crack in the screen then you need to replace the laptop screen. Fixing these type of problems may be difficult or very costly.

Laptop user with a little bit of knowledge can fix common laptop computer problems, usually occurred due to regular usage. However, identifying the problem is crucial before repairing the laptop.

Repair laptop display problems

If there is complete display failure, first of all check the status of the power. If you were able to hear the fan of your laptop and now it isn’t, that means it’s a main board or power failure, not a video failure.

Another common practice in laptop computer repair is to connect a normal computer monitor with a standard VGA connector, if your laptop does not light up the external monitor means either the internal video adapter or the motherboard has failed. In case the external monitor is working then your laptop video subsystem has a problem and need to investigate further.

If there is a display problem in your laptop computer and the number of dead spots or columns or whole row increases slowly on the screen, it indicates that the assembly of actual LCD is bad. In the same way, if the screen flickers it is probably the failure of backlight or inverter.

Other common Laptop problems

Laptop computer problems can cause by internal disorders of the physical connectors. The common victims are network or modem ports, which may be detached within the case or the breaking of the power connector solder joint of the board. Such problems are very dangerous because here you need to open up the body of the notebook for soldering. Be careful to use a decent solder sucker for quick clean up.

Laptop problems are often caused by virus attacks. In this case they behave very strangely. One common symptom is the screen display goes off though the laptop is running. This can be due to graphic display driver files affected by virus or sometimes deleted by anti virus considering it to be a strange file. Re-starting the laptop in Safe Mode and re-installing the display drivers will repair this problem.

If you are not tech savvy, my personal advice is to hire a professional technician for Laptop computer repair unless it is software related problem. It is always better if you can contact s Laptop Repair Company authorized by the Laptop manufacturer.

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remote computer assistance said...

This is a good source of tips and knowledge on how to repair your PCs and laptops. Thank you for this. I'm sure that this will be a great help to others too. Thanks!

Phil Grahm Salt said...

One of the most common issues to <a href=">fix computer problems</a> is the display of laptops. As time goes by, laptop screens can be damaged due to excessive use.

Stacey Lang said...

Beware of lousy computer repair services! A good Computer support service company will perform data back up if Windows needs re-installing.

computer repair barrie said...

Keeping your computer always clean. We are talking the physical cleaning here we have to regularly do to our computers. Dirt and dust can easily build up on our computers fans and motherboards and this can reduce the ability of the computer to cool itself and function properly.

PC Repair Services said...

Hello Dude,

Laptop computer repairs are often a complicated process which require specialized help and support services. Most laptop computer brands come with warranty for its spares and service and maintenance plans. Ideally, it is the best thing to avail of such a service and maintenance plan. But then there are different conditions where laptop repair services become necessary. Thanks a lot.....

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