Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best 10 Free Android apps

Android has recently been awarded a position for having nearly 100,000 apps in the market. Though Android is far behind when compared to its counter competitor, the growth is comparably mind blowing. There are nearly 60% of the products that are free in the android market. In Android you can not only install apps from Android marketplace, you can install third party apps on Android phones as well .
Top 10 Android apps of 2010 are :
1. Handscent SMS- If a person is in need to send a lot of text messages, then one must use the Handscent SMS. Though the usual stock app can do the SMS stuff more easily, Handscent SMS is more efficient in use.
2. Astro file manager- File manager is the important aspect missing in most of the Android mobiles. There are many applications which offer this service. But Astro file manager is the best application to suit all the needs. Important advantage of using this app is its ability to uninstall and install most of the apps that are not in the market.
3. Swype- Every Andriod user must be aware about the problems in keyboard with the Xperia X10. There are many alternative apps in the Android market that use T9 keyboards and keyboard skins.They use the swiping technology which enables typing any word. Even a new user for touch screen will be able to use this mobile with ease.
4. Task manager app- There are many task manager apps that are available in the market. But this application is most sophisticated. Many background apps used in Andriod mobiles can be threatening and may use up most of the battery life and may affect the user experience.
5. Gesture search app- This is a new app from Google which was first launched for Andriod 1.6 and then for Android 2.0 and above. It can be used with much speed.

6. Google map- This can be the best app for your Android mobile. It offers navigation through every turn. It is sometimes pre-installed in the mobile.
7. DriodLive Lite- This is the most sophisticated FM player in the market. This interface offers tuning with most of the FM networks worldwide. You can install this app offered by Shoutcast radio and the streaming is quite good.
8. Where is MyDroid- This can be a helpful app if you have lost your Android. Through it can not help you to find the stolen mobile, it can help you when somebody is trying to fool you or if you have misplaced your mobile. It can even ring when the mobile is in silent.
9. Dolphin browser- This app can act as an alternative browser for the Android mobile. The tab facilities and the multi touch capabilities are most fascinating.
10. Barcode scanner - This app can be used to get information regarding any bar code or the related app used in the Android mobile. This app is really fast and scan the bar codes of most of the apps.



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