Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Incremental Data Backup

Incremental data backup technique allows you to backups all the files that have been modified since the most recent normal or incremental backup performed. The presence of the archive bit indicates that the file has been changed and only files with this attribute are backed up last time. When a file is backed up, the archive attribute is cleared. If the file is later modified, this attribute is set, which means that the file needs to be backed up.

An incremental data backup is a process in which several backups are kept (not just the last one). These backups will be incremental, if each original piece of backed up information is stored only once, and then successive backups contain only the data that changed since a last backup.

Let’s assume if you perform an incremental backup on Tuesday, you only back up the data that modified since the incremental backup on Monday. As a result, it’s faster backup technique. The plus points of incremental backups are the short backup duration and the less data to be backed up.

Incremental backup technique offers much greater flexibility and perform backup at rapid speed. However, the process takes longer time to restore because the backup has to be reconstituted from the last full backup and all the incremental backups.

Incremental data backup is a faster method of backing up data than frequently running full backups. During an incremental backup only the files changed since the most recent backup are included. That is why it gets its name: each backup is an increment since the most recent backup.

• Backup time is faster than full backups.
• Incremental data backups require less disk space, tape, or network drive space.
• You can keep multiple versions of the same files on different backup sets.

• During a restoration process, you must have all of the incremental backups available.
• It may take longer to restore a specific file since you must search more than one backup set to find the latest version of a file.

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Incremental backup will not affect PC Performance.

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