Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Speed Up Your Internet Browsing ?

For Windows XP Professional user,follow these instructions:

*Click Start, then Run.
*Enter gpedit.msc in the box.
*Under "Local Computer Policy," click the plus sign next to "Computer Configuration," then the one next to "Administrative Templates."
*Click the plus sign next to "Network" and select "QoS Packet Scheduler."
*In the right-hand box, double-click on "Limit Reservable Bandwidth."
*On the Settings tab, choose Enabled.
*In the "Bandwidth Limit %" box, set it to 0%. (Don't leave it blank.)
*Click OK.

For Windows Home Edition user,follow these instructions:

*Click Start and then the "Settings" option.
*Select the Control Panel, and open up "Network Connections"
*Right-click "Local Area Connection"and choose Properties.
*On the General tab, uncheck QoS.

Other Network settings:

As Windows networking already comes configured for a generic user with a generic connection out of the box.It has no idea whether you're using a dialup connection,DSL or a cable modem. The network settings are also generic for this reason.So here we can change some other networking settings.

Tailor these settings to your connection which would be much helpful.Here, the easiest way to do this is to use a software program(free) which will do it for you for free.

A much easier-to-use one is TCP Optimizer.The good thing about TCP Optimizer is that you only have to use a slider to indicate your connection speed, tell it how you connect, and click on the Optimize button.

When you reboot/restart,the connection should be noticeably faster .(You may go back to to check it).

If these tips weren't that helpful try some other sites which are dedicated to helping people to speed up their machines. Peck in "speed up Windows XP" or "Windows XP speed tweaks" in your search engine.They may be very helpful sor some.
You may check out the System Performance section of and the Broadband/Registry Tweaks section of Speed Guide --which have some great tips with detailed instructions for any novice to understand, along with a colony of people who you can ask for help.


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