Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Replace Npswf32.dll On Your System ?


Manually Replace Npswf32.dll On Your System

Replacing the npswf32.dll file is probably the surest way to get your system running as smoothly as possible again. You can do this very easily by following the guide below:
1) Download from any website
2) Unzip the Npswf32.dll file onto your computer’s hard drive
3) Browse to c:\Windows\System32
4) Locate the current Npswf32.dll on your system
5) Rename the current npswf32.dll to npswf32BACKUP.dll
6) Copy & paste the new npswf32.dll into C:\Windows\System32
7) Click Start > Run (Or search”run” on Vista & Win7)
8 ) Type “cmd” in the box that appears
9) Type “regsvr32 npswf32.dll” on the black screen
10) Press enter

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