Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Know Your Computer Has Been Hacked

When a hacker gets into your computer, he needs to access the computer's resources by logging in your some account. You can determine if your computer has been hacked in one of two ways. Find out if there are computer accounts you have not created, or if any of your legitimate computer accounts has been accessed without your knowledge.

Instructions to know how your Computer Has Been Hacked

1) Log in to your computer as an Administrator.

2) Click "Start," then type "run" into the search box. Click the "Run" link. Type "cmd" into the text field and press Enter. A new Command window will open.

3 ) Click on the newly-opened Command window to select it, then type the following command:

net user

Press "Enter." Windows will list all existing accounts on the computer.

4)  Check if an account has been created without your permission. Verify that all accounts in the output of "net user" have either been created legitimately. If there are additional accounts, those accounts were likely created by a hacker.

5)  Examine all legitimate accounts to see if any have been misused. Check the date and time of the last log-in. If the most recent log-in occurred at an abnormal time, a hacker is likely responsible.



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