Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fix iExplore Application Error

Follow the following steps to find out how to correct the issue.

Clearing Temporary internet Files
Start by opening internet explorer and then selecting Tools, Internet Options. Select the option to clear the temporary cache and temporary internet files. This should make it much easier to fix the problem and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Uninstall Toolbars
Open your control panel and select Add/Remove Programs. Use this to uninstall all of the toolbars which are currently installed on your computer. Toolbars used in Internet explorer can slow your computer down and could potentially make it very slow.

Registry Scan
Download a registry scanning utility and scan your computers registry with this. The registry is a large database which stores all of the settings for your computer. If there are any corrupt entries in the registry then this can cause iexplore errors. Make sure that you back up the entire registry before scanning though as this will guarantee that no matter what happens your computer will be safe.

Another option is to download a new version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website and attempt to install it. If the problem is caused because of a corrupt installation then this might be enough to solve it.
Reinstall Windows

The last and most extreme option is to reinstall windows by using the original installation media that came with your computer. This should fix all of the errors with your computer including iExplore application errors.


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