Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to set pop3 setting of Live Hotmail in outlook

Windows Live Hotmail offers access via special Outlook Connector software, which provides a two-way sync for mail, contacts and calendar, and access via POP3 for paid accounts and free accounts in most countries.
Outlook Connector
Download and install the Outlook Connector from the location below;
Download: Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit
Download: Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bit
Note: You will only need to install the 64-bit version when you are using the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010.
Start Outlook. If you don't get prompted to add a new account already then choose;
Outlook Connector-> Add a New Account… In the screen that pops-up you'll have to provide your:
1Name:The display name you'd like others to see.
E-mail address:Your Windows Live ID in full
( or
3Password:Your Windows Live ID password
Advanced (optional)
4Account nameThe display name for your account. This name is used in your folder list, in your account settings and when selecting your sending account when composing a message.
5Reply E-mailYou can specify an alternative address here to which replies will be sent when people reply to your messages.

Add New E-mail Account dialog
1Your Name:The display name you'd like others to see.
2E-mail Address:Your Windows Live ID in full
( or
3Account Type:POP3
4Incoming mail
5Outgoing mail
6User Name:Your Windows Live ID in full
( or
7Password:Your Windows Live ID password
8Remember passwordoptional
9Require logon using Secure
Password Authentication (SPA)
More Settings: Outgoing Server tab
10My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication:enabled
11Use same settings as my incoming mail server:enabled
More Settings: Advanced tab
12Incoming server (POP3):995
13This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL):enabled
14Outgoing server (SMTP):587 (for some it will be port 25 or 995)
15Use the following type of encrypted connection:SSL or TLS
16Leave a copy of messages on the serveroptional


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